Video: ‘No Time to Die’ | Anatomy of a Scene


“Hi. I’m Cary Fukunaga, and I am the director of No Time to Die. In this scene, we have Daniel Craig, playing James Bond, narrowly surviving a deadly attack by Specter at the Tomb of Vesper Lynd. This was one of those interesting situations where the locations drove the inspiration for story. So I went on a scout trip with Mark Tildesley, our production designer, and Linus Sandgren, cinematographer. And I really loved this bridge in Gravina. It seemed like the perfect place to run a stunt. We had a drone, and we were flying the drone around the bridge to see, what could we do with it? Could he jump off, potentially? It could be an ambush site. So we just literally designed the action sequence to the locations that we were finding. This sequence was shot on IMAX, which also meant that the movements of the cameras, the ease with which we could cover multiple angles, was hindered by the number of cameras we actually had. The IMAX cameras are massive. I mean, the kind of cameras when you pick them up, it makes you want to swear. But sometimes we just had to do the stunt over and over again and just move the camera around, because you only had two, maybe three, working IMAX cameras at the time. Which is not a lot, normally, when you’re covering a big stunt. Normally, you would have five cameras placed all over the place. So we had to be very, I would say, surgical about how the camera moved, how many takes we could do before we were running out of time. We see him try to outsmart them and outrun them, but they get a sense of where he’s headed. We do a Texas switch. And basically, you see Bond on camera. And as we pan over, it’s actually a stunt double running in, not Bond, to tackle Primo on the motorcycle. And then, when we cut up closer, we do that in one take. So all the punches have to land perfectly so that it looks like each one is actually connecting when, in reality, there was safety and space between them.” “Blofeld sends his regards.”

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