Tyga’s Ex-Girlfriend Camaryn Swanson Accuses Rapper of Domestic Violence

TMZ has learned that Tyga’s ex-girlfriend Cameron Swanson called the authorities for accusing him of having a physical relationship with her during a recent visit to their home.

A source close to Tyga claims that the incident happened when Swanson came to the rapper’s house around 3 a.m., even after trying to stop him from doing so. The rapper allowed her to enter his residence while she was reportedly standing at his front door “screaming at the top of her lungs.”

Swanson’s mother eventually picked him up from Tyga’s house. She later contacts the police and accuses Tyga of holding her hand during their argument. A serious domestic violence report was taken after officers noticed “visible marks” on him.

Swanson disputed TMZ’s account of the incident on her IG Stories, writing, “I’ve been abused emotionally, mentally and physically and I can’t hide it anymore,” of the obvious scar around her left eye. Along with a picture of himself.

“I didn’t show up ‘shouting’ or uninvited. When I tried to leave, he physically assaulted [me] and refused to let me go for hours,” she wrote in response to TMZ’s report.

“I’m so embarrassed and ashamed that it had to reach this, but I had to stand up for myself,” she captioned a video showing off her obvious injuries, as well as bloody marks on her sweater and cuffs. Were. his sleeve.

Police went to Tyga’s house on Monday morning, but she refused to talk to them. However, the rapper will reportedly discuss the incident with the authorities tomorrow.

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