Toronto’s IDMAN Releases Simmering Love Song “Polytics”


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We all know that polyamorous people deserve love too, and R&B singer IDMAN is making that known on her latest gender-neutral love song “Polytics.”

The observe pushes again on conventional notions of monogamy, prompting listeners to do not forget that they’re accountable for their own love lives.

“This is a really simple, tongue-in-cheek song about relationships,” she tells Complex. “I think people normally look at non-traditional dating styles or non-monogamy or anything other than what they’re used to as being complex, hard to understand, and overcomplicated, but it’s not. I think the most complex and nuanced thing is about what’s actually universal—and that’s love.”

Idman in a green dress
Image through Publicist

IDMAN’s honesty about the multifaceted nature of relationships shines by means of, as she acknowledges not everybody matches right into a easy archetype for what love can look like.

“Every single day we see people fearlessly talking about how they participate in platonic and romantic relationships,” she says. “So this is me, thinking out loud.”

”Polytics” is the second single from IDMAN’s forthcoming debut EP entitled Risk, which will likely be out in 2022.

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