The Pleasure and Pain of Jon Vinyl


“Who hurt you?”

This is my half-joking, half-serious query to Jon Vinyl before our interview formally begins. It’s a query that anybody who’s listened to his lovestruck debut album, Lost In You, might be questioning, due to his wistful musings about romance and heartbreak. It options a number of songs that tug in your heartstrings, simply inhabiting an area of unhappiness, and you may’t help but be curious as to how the Pickering native managed to make something so somber, sound so good.

That’s to not say it’s a totally melancholy album. There are a number of dreamy, more upbeat tracks that Vinyl envisions being performed whereas cruising alongside on a drive or chilling with friends. The collision of happy and unhappy songs on Lost In You leads to an trustworthy assortment of tracks which might be crammed with poignant lyrics about falling in love, falling out of it, and falling into the house of abysmally deep in-betweenness, where you’re unsure of what your relationship standing really is. It’s a debut that has the polished really feel of somebody considerably older than the 24-year-old, who launched his first song “Nostalgia” again in 2017. In the 4 years since, he’s launched a slew of singles which have developed alongside him as he’s refined his sound. And regardless of all that development, on the finish of the day he’s happy to be writing songs in his basement. Though, he admits he’s also itching to get out and perform live once more.

Complex caught up with Jon to debate his songwriting, the Justin Timberlake film that’s inspired him, and the recommendation he has for anybody going by a breakup.

How does it really feel in spite of everything this time, to lastly have this out?

I imply, it’s positively superb. It feels actually good. I really feel like we’ve been ready for this sort of second for a long time, particularly as simply as an artist usually, you’re ready for this second to launch your first project, and it’s a number of man hours put in, trying to essentially figure out what you need it to sound like and who you need to work with [laughs]. I imply there’s simply so much, so it feels actually good. Finally we’re right here and it feels good.

Yeah, it’s attention-grabbing as a result of I was also thinking about this, the timing of it, as a result of  it’s still a pandemic. How do you know, now could be lastly the time for me to let this out into the world, for me to cease fidgeting with it?

Well, I imply it positively was all based mostly on simply having the music. A lot of occasions you’re going by completely different songs like ‘Hmm, I don’t know if that’s it,’ and I really feel like we got here to some extent where we heard every song that we had and [went], “Yeah, I think that’s it. I think this is the time.” Then it form of simply labored out completely—everyone’s  form of at home stress-free, listening to music, driving someplace to go chill with friends. Now simply feels like the right time.

“Like the clouds, the rain always comes. But eventually the sun comes back out. I feel like it’s just how it goes in life. So you know, there’s going to be bad days of course, that’s just the learning curve. That’s when you’re doing the most learning and figuring yourself out.”

Okay, so that is clearly an album about love, and you’ve got a song like “Always” which is form of about getting somebody to take an opportunity on you, and then you definately’ve acquired a song like “All Bad” which is slightly bit more darkish. How were you capable of cycle by the happier feelings after which flip round and make a extremely unhappy song?

Yeah, that’s a superb query. I really feel like for me, it’s the beats. Every beat that I get form of makes me need to, you understand, really feel unhappy on this song and be happy on this subsequent one, and perhaps be in-between. It normally makes me at all times really feel something, and I never shrink back from that. I at all times guarantee that I follow it as a result of that’s the most real lyric and song we’ll get out of it. I at all times lean in the direction of the beats and hear, and it’s like, what do you guys acquired for me right now—is it unhappy? Is it happy? [Laughs.]

Image by way of Arman Saturday

Just go along with it.

Yeah, simply float.

Again, as a result of there’s a lot of ups and downs and romance, heartbreak and all of that on the album, what recommendation do you’ve for anybody who’s getting their heart damaged right now, and what song do you suggest that they take heed to?

I think for recommendation, I might say like the clouds, the rain at all times comes. But ultimately the sun comes again out. I really feel like it’s simply the way it goes in life. So you understand, there’s going to be unhealthy days in fact, that’s simply the educational curve. That’s if you’re doing the most studying and figuring your self out. But at some level, all the pieces’s going to be okay and also you’re going to realize that you simply wanted to undergo that so that you can progress and simply be higher for the subsequent time. So yeah, I think simply don’t dwell on it too much. And you understand, simply take it for what it’s and actually be taught about your self in these moments, and the opposite person. As for what song perhaps “All Bad,” as a result of it may be all unhealthy.

Sometimes you simply gotta do it. I like that. And on the flip facet, is there a song that you simply think could be actually good for somebody that’s happy and falling in love.

Yeah, “Always.” That song is 100 percent that vibe. It’s 100 percent that song. I don’t even have the rest to say about it [laughs]. It’s so easy.

Okay, after which so I’ve a principle that R&B is the best genre for love songs, whether or not or not it’s breakup songs, like Usher singing within the rain, or a extremely happy song. Do you agree?

Yeah, 100% it’s. It evokes so much emotion, and makes you are feeling happy, unhappy, no matter it’s… moody that day. You simply need to calm down and if you look out your window, there’s an R&B song enjoying, that’s good [laughs].

You fake you’re the principle character.

The major character, precisely.

So, clearly, it takes a number of vulnerability to make such an trustworthy, simple album. What did it take so that you can get to a spot where you’re capable of be so direct along with your songwriting?

I think it’s the experience of simply residing life, and seeing your friends, and myself, undergo completely different ups and downs and relationships, whether or not it’s intimate or simply along with your friends and family. There’s simply so many completely different avenues that you may see completely different feelings [in] and I pulled from something to be trustworthy, but a number of it’s from my personal experiences. I like to have a look at different people’s conditions as effectively, and even movies and different people I do know. You know that one friend that can come by, and simply discuss to you about their relationship and you completely relate to them and what they’re saying? So generally I pull from these moments, but it’s largely me simply going by completely different relationships.

“‘Deflect’ is just kind of being in-between knowing and not knowing. I feel like that happens a lot where you’re just on the fence.”

You also did say movies, so which movies?

Let me see, I’ve seen so many love movies I really feel like. What’s that one with Ryan Gosling? Or Ryan Reynolds, sorry. And then there’s one other one with Justin Timberlake and…

Mila Kunis?

Yeah, what’s that one called? I can never bear in mind it. That one’s actually humorous. It’s so good.

Is it Friends With Benefits?

I can’t consider you knew it instantly. That movie is hearth really.

It’s so humorous as a result of I’m at all times like, [Justin] can’t act, but with that one perhaps I need to take that again.

He made it really feel tremendous real. I can really relate. That was a superb movie, in order that’s a giant one for me. I’m unhealthy with the names and roles.

Hey, perhaps we’ll get a song called “Friends with benefits.”

Hey, I’m gonna write that down.

Going again to trustworthy songwriting, “Deflect” is also a fairly emotional one. Tell me a bit more about that.

I think “Deflect” is simply form of being in between realizing and never realizing. I really feel like that occurs lots where you’re simply on the fence. You’re undecided. I think I was simply saying how I felt about that, and within the most melodic way I might probably do it and the most unhappy way I might do it. But yeah, I was simply like, “I guess I’m deflecting the truth of the matter/I’m still unsure if I’m in or out of love.” And it’s simply [about being] undecided 100 percent. I do know I like this person, I do know we vibe, but perhaps she’s not right for me. It’s simply going forwards and backwards with that.

Yeah, I was really going to ask you about that particular lyric, as a result of I wondered, how did you land on that? I imply, I really feel like everybody’s form of been there.

Yeah, I imply, as soon as once more, I really feel like it’s something that simply so many people have been by. I’ve positively talked with friends they usually’re in relationships they usually’ve been in relationships for a long time, they usually’re so deep in it that they’re uncertain whether or not they should still be in it. But the familiarity of being with that person makes you [think], “Oh yeah, we should be together.” And then you simply go forwards and backwards. But yeah, I discover a number of conversations are about getting too snug.

I was thinking about that the opposite day really. One of my friends simply acquired engaged and he or she’s like, “I know this is my person, but what if?”

Yeah, what if, what if, what if. That may be powerful.

“My basement, it’s a safe space for thinking and writing songs. Just think of me being in my basement, thinking about my experiences, other people’s experiences, and just writing songs too.”

And then I don’t really know—did you’re employed on the album particularly in Pickering or in studios in Toronto as effectively?

I did it fairly much all in Pickering.

No way.

Yeah, I imply, I wrote all of them in Pickering after which I brought them to Toronto to work with, and we simply form of labored on it there. Then we blended it, added little touches that we would have liked so as to add to make it higher and simply make it sound good. And then we also simply form of went to the opposite producers that were on the album as effectively, and said, “Is there any more we could add to this?” But yeah, I wrote all the pieces in Pickering and I brought it to Toronto and thew some touches, you understand, sprinkles.

Jon Vinyl
Image by way of Arman Saturday

Obviously you’re from there, you grew up there, after which now you’ve this piece of artwork that basically is coming with you from there. How do you think that kind of contributed to… I wouldn’t say the sound essentially, but perhaps the general vibe?

Of the project? I think in Pickering, you’re tremendous isolated, and also you’re simply form of to your self. I really feel like if you’re out right here in Toronto, you’re used to simply being out completely different locations all of the time with completely different people. And I really feel how Pickering is influenced into the album would positively be by simply being isolated into your own ideas. And my basement, it’s a protected house for thinking [laughs] and writing songs. Just think of me being in my basement, thinking about my experiences, different people’s experiences, and simply writing songs too. So that’s 100% what I might say is the vibe.

That’s nice. When are you going to play a show in Toronto? The people need to know!

When are we gonna play a show in Toronto!

I’ve gotta get my rehearsals in. 1,000,000 rehearsals. So be able to have some enjoyable in the future! It’ll be sick.

When was the last time you probably did a live show?

It’s been so long I don’t even bear in mind. Probably Montreal really. Lumiere festival was the last factor we did in… February 2020. That was the last time. Wow.

What are you gonna do to step it up for if you come again?

Vocals on level, band going loopy, preparations… a visible within the background that you may take a look at perhaps? Maybe.

Leave the perhaps within the air, that’s a pleasant little teaser.

Yeah. A bit of teaser. Maybe some friends too, that’d be cool. That’d be fairly sick really. Maybe Drake?

You’ve gotta manifest it.

Listen to Lost In You, out now.


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