Stephen Colbert Spoils Stephanie Grisham’s Tell-All Tidbits


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Stephen Colbert lamented having to drudge up Donald Trump once more on Tuesday night.

“No matter how hard I try not to, sometimes the news forces me to talk about our former president, Scrooge McSchmuck,” Colbert said.

This week, the subject was Stephanie Grisham’s new tell-all about her time working within the Trump White House, and Colbert said he wished to spoil all of the juicy bits in order to not give her a gross sales enhance.

“Stephanie Grisham worked in the White House for four years, and as press secretary, she famously never gave a single press conference. But now she’s spilling all the tea in her new book, ‘I Just Recently Grew a Spine.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“The blackout was followed by a devastating congressional panel investigation this morning. Democrats and Republicans in the Senate finally found something they can agree on: They both hate Facebook.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“That’s right, today, a Facebook whistle-blower testified for more than three hours in front of Congress and said some pretty damaging things. That’s right, the whistle-blower said Facebook has repeatedly misled the public and that is not OK. We already have an app for misleading the public — it’s called Tinder.” — JIMMY FALLON

James Corden and his employees debated who amongst them would win in a fight.

The cast of the Netflix dystopian hit “Squid Game” will seem on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.”

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