‘Squid Game’: Wondering if You Would Survive? Here’s What to Read


‘“Squid Game”: How a Hyper-Violent Korean Series became Netflix’s Biggest Hit” [The Age]

“Dr Sung-Ae Lee, an expert in Korean film and television from Macquarie University, says the show’s focus on the ever-increasing gap between rich and poor has perhaps proved timely for audiences. ‘It’s about Homo economicus, rather than Homo sapiens — these are people who only think about money,’ she says of the show’s characters. ‘We’re living in an era where people follow neoliberal ideology without even knowing, so I think the audience identifies themselves in the story.’”

‘Who Is Gong Yoo?’ [Marie Claire]

“Yoo is a familiar face to fans of Korean content. The 41-year-old actor has starred in some of the biggest k-dramas and films of the past 20 years, all while maintaining a private life off of social media. If this is your first time seeing Yoo, here’s what we know about him and which of his projects to watch next.”

‘This “Squid Game” TikTok Uncovers A Major Clue Hidden Behind the Beds in Episode 1’ [Bustle]

“A shrewd TikTok user noticed that hints to survive the deadly games were inside the bunker ever since they woke up in it in Episode 1. “THE CLUES WAS IN FRONT OF THEM ALL ALONG,” TikTok person @lucy.what1 wrote on her quick clip. The video zooms in on the empty bunker, from a scene later within the series when the number of gamers had dwindled, clearly exhibiting wall work that depict all six video games performed all through the season.”

‘“Squid Game” Knockoffs Are The Latest Sensation to Take Over Roblox’ [Polygon]

“These knockoffs are able to proliferate across the Roblox platform because it’s hard to issue a claim against a children’s game, and also, knockoffs and parody games often go unnoticed. In fact, it’s common for on-platform developers to copy original IP, using nonlicensed characters from shows like ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Demon Slayer.’ Whether these developers get caught depends on how aggressively the I.P. owners protect their content.”

‘I Tried the Dalgona Candy Challenge to See If I Would Survive “Squid Game”’ [Delish]

“I was curious about how difficult this might be, so I decided to try it out myself. I followed this recipe from Korean Bapsang, but improvised with a few tools. I heated 6 tablespoons of sugar over low heat in a pot I held on its side. Once it all melted, I turned off the heat and added ¼ teaspoon of baking soda. What then ensued was the most chaotic two minutes of my life.”

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