Rini Releases Soulful Debut Project ‘Constellations’

One of R&B’s most promising newcomers, Rini, on Friday released her debut project Constellation, a lush 12-track collection that includes her recent hit “Red Lights” featuring Wale.

On a collection of slow and spacey instruments, Rini’s sensually sizzling themes throughout the project such as heartbreak, loneliness, and a longing for a lost love. The project comes as the hype around the singer reaches an all-time high. He has amassed over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners and accumulated over 200 million streams across the platforms. At “Red Lights”, Rini is assisted by Wale, who speaks openly about his distrust of women. “I don’t trust women, it’s the thug in me,” he raps. “Tell the best lady, don’t really fuck with me / Just lust for me, just mess with me / Just touch me and leave, don’t talk to me.”

Back in August, Wale self-declared on Twitter that he was one of the greatest rappers of all time. “When I say I am one of the greatest rappers ever. I mean it with all my heart,” he tweeted. “I put the highest quality music out there. My deep cuts are crazy. My singles got all the plaque. decade-plus. That’s why I’m heavy on gratitude.”

He was most recently titled “Poke It Out” by J.J. A track with Cole had the opportunity to test that claim, giving the rappers a chance to go toe-to-toe on the song. The release was significant given Cole and Wale’s shadowy animosity toward each other over the years. Back in 2016, the latter MC took issue with some of the bars on Cole’s “false prophets” which, many speculated, were directed at Wale. Wale continued to stir the pot from there, retorting on his track “Groundhog Day” and criticizing Cole for not coming to the George Floyd protests in 2020. Hopefully the “poke it out” signifies that the beef has been rested.

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