Premiere – Anthony OKS of Winnipeg and Begonia Forge a Fortified Bond


It is believed that the Winnipeg, or tricked-out rap video Cars, MC Anthony OKS, and singer Begonia are the masters of sabotage in their new clip for “Fortified Bond“. The latest single from the rapper’s recently released EP The Garden finds him and the late-voiced singer as green and sultry as a Winnipeg afternoon of summer, the music video set in which many Dominant scenes find him cruising in a classy Oldsmobile 442 cutlass muscle car.

“Our city is usually thought of as a colder, darker place for our intense – but beautiful – winter season,” says Anthony OKS of the climate, which led to his town’s nickname, “Winterpeg.” That being said, Anthony OKS says that directors Jadine Classen and Jesse de Rocquigni capture “the essence of the richness and warmth our city exudes—a side of Winnipeg that usually isn’t promoted or thought of much. Winnipeggers experience that same rich warmth at our many local shows, or the many releases from our artists.” Winnipeggers exude that same rich warmth in many of our local shows or the many releases from our artists. All this should surprise viewers in other locations who soak up the alluring balmy background of the clip.

Such sunny scenes are in line with the song, says Anthony OKS, because its lyrics are “those special moments that you share with someone close to you. We wanted to capture that, the idea of two people that genuinely enjoy each other’s company and vibe.” Prominent examples: flower bed scenes that will emit a fresh scent from your screen, while the EP’s theme is “about growth and the beauty of blooming as a person,” says the rapper.

And what about the whip? Anthony OKs quickly laughs before admitting that yes, “cars in rap videos usually come off a bit different, right?” His short, timeless twist behind the wheel of the muscle car. “That was actually my first time driving a classic car! I used to collect Hot Wheels as a kid, and actually still have those toy cars in their original packaging, so it was a bit of a childhood dream for me,” he says. The rapper channeled the energy of some of his favorite automotive aspiring counterparts like BIGKRIT and CURREN$y during the cruise, while “really enjoying myself while trying to be as careful as possible while taking turns in this rental!”

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