Mack Keane and ESTA Drop Video for Soulful Track – Open Up


Mack Keane and ESTA are ready to “open up” in front of you. The R&B singer and producer linked earlier this month for their collab single “Open Up” and now they’re sharing a scene very similar to the track, which featured long car rides, sad drinking, and a slew of emotions. The video is directed by Yavez Antonio and shows the pair riding around Los Angeles, skipping it completely and craving something more.

“It’s something we’ve all been through at some point,” the duo told. “Working with Yavez, we were able to capture this familiar state of emotion using a contrast of colors, reflecting cold aimless nights and warmer ones. They intersect. With the ending, the doors open and flash to white. We thought it was important to represent stepping into uncertainty. There’s a brightness to that. After spending so much time feeling restrained, we want that freedom, to open up.”

“Open Up” marks the first proper team-up between Cali-based creatives, and is about to develop a partnership with you in the near future, following their latest single from Keane and the Selection producer.

“‘Open Up’ is about longing for that one person to change with you,” Mack Keane and ESTA explain. “That person who, while you want to spread your wings, grow, and open yourself up to uncertainty, is stuck in their ways, stagnant yet intoxicating, in love with ‘the old (you),’ and content with complacency.”

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