Justin Bieber Seemingly Falls for Tom Cruise Deepfake, Jokes Actor Could ‘Catch These Hands My Boy’

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The Tom Cruise deepfake strikes once more. 

Justin Bieber seemed to be the latest sufferer of the Cruise deepfake that has been taking over TikTok for a number of months now. But not like everybody else who was fooled by faux Tom a couple of months again, the Biebs tried to choose a fight with the man… jokingly, after all. 

Bieber took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday to share a clip of the deepfake displaying off some guitar taking part in abilities. Bieber tagged the actual Tom Cruise to jot down that he’s impressed along with his “guitar skills.”

“But you could still catch these hands my boy,” Bieber added, calling again to his earlier proposals of a fight with the Mission Impossible actor.

It didn’t cease there, as Bieber continued to go on the deepfake—which is a product of creator Chris Ume and impersonator Miles Fisher—whereas choosing up his own guitar to seemingly poke some enjoyable at Tom in his Instagram Stories. 

Somebody appears to have ultimately told the Biebs that it wasn’t the precise Tom Cruise who he was difficult, which he took in stride, writing “That’s not really Tom Cruise? Lol, oh well, still hilarious.”

We’d must agree.

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