How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?


This is the online model of our Watching publication, in which Margaret provides hyper-specific viewing suggestions like these every Monday and Friday. Read her latest picks under, and signal up for Watching right here.

‘Ted Lasso’
When to observe: Arrives Friday, on Apple TV+.

Some of the characters on “Ted Lasso,” like the show itself, face a difficult query right here on the finish of Season 2: What occurs to underdogs once they’re not underdogs anymore? Ted (Jason Sudeikis) can’t perceive why his protégé Nate has taken such a heel flip, and Keeley can’t seem to just accept each personal {and professional} success without delay — a becoming, irritating finish to a season whose theme turned out to be that our biggest obstacles are inner. Yes, the show has already been renewed for a 3rd season.

When to observe: Sunday at 9 p.m., on Showtime.

This four-part series recounts a case from the Nineties in which a California girl said she had repressed but lately recovered recollections of her father raping and murdering her best friend 20 years earlier. “Buried” comes out in weekly installments, but if about the main points of the case, or about the controversies round theories of reminiscence and trauma, the construction feels a bit of deceptive; it takes some time for specialists to show up and argue against the notion of so-called recovered recollections. Given the way the documentary world appears to work nowadays, I’m looking ahead to the sharper, more contextualized strategy to this story that I assume will emerge in, I don’t know, six months.

‘Among the Stars’
When to observe: Now, on Disney+.

While we await the excellent space-race drama “For All Mankind” to return for its third season (please! hurry!), this six-part documentary about NASA must suffice. It is healthful and energetic, and it largely follows the astronaut Chris Cassidy as he prepares to return to the area station, a course of that’s exhilarating and exhausting for all concerned. “Among the Stars” balances the transcendence of area journey with the grueling grind of analysis, study and follow; some of the best scenes are within the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, where astronauts rehearse spacewalks in an enormous pool. If you like behind-the-scenes tales and will use an opportunity to marvel on the human experiment reasonably than despair in it, watch this.

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