How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

This is the net model of our Watching publication, in which Margaret provides hyper-specific viewing suggestions like these every Monday and Friday. Read her latest picks beneath, and signal up for Watching right here.

‘Rolie Polie Olie’
When to look at: Now, on Disney+.

If you like your children’s shows on the gee-whiz healthful aspect, it’s laborious to beat the darling “Rolie Polie Olie,” about just a little robotic dude who lives in a teapot house and inhabits a world where every object is anthropomorphized. The sofa, the door, the sun — all people smiles on Planet Polie. The show first aired on the Disney Channel in 1998, and now 5 (of six) seasons are streaming. One observe of warning: The show’s bouncy theme song — “howdy! … howdy! hurray! … hurray!” — will sadly be caught in your head for the remainder of the times you wander this earth.

‘All or Nothing: The Toronto Maple Leafs’
When to look at: Arrives Friday, on Amazon.

The “All or Nothing” documentary franchise turns its consideration to hockey for the primary time, having lined soccer, soccer and rugby groups the past few years. Narrated by Will Arnett, the show follows the Maple Leafs during the 2021 season, so it’s about Covid and coping, too; along with the various on-ice dramas, the show also includes what occurs when everybody on the team wants a haircut. If you’ve been candied in “Ted Lasso” syrup and need a break, but you still crave the general vibe of being with a team by way of a season, watch this.

When to look at: Arrives Friday, on Netflix.

“Seinfeld” has come and gone from streaming platforms before. Now all 9 seasons have made their way to Netflix, so we are able to all yada yada yada anew. The characters’ prickliness and distaste for pointless social rituals really feel apt for our justly embittered present day, and many episodes still really feel completely present — aside from one factor. Some “Seinfeld” episodes clock in at a full 23 minutes, but most present network comedies are nearer to 19 minutes long, and typically even shorter; that’s an enormous distinction when it comes to rhythm and pacing, and the more episodes you binge, the more noticeable it turns into.

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